13th July

Amazing finds from Emma in LA!
Inline images 1

Futuristic illustrations – changing the game on perfume and beauty ads.  This is the sort of thing we should be pitching to P&G – they could OWN this via Talenthouse.
White we are on the topic of P&G- check out this Always campaign  – really nice film about about why we limit girls – follows new trend in advertising about raising women issues: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhB3l1gCz2E#t=15
Inline images 4

Car ad poetry – BMW’s new campaign.  Something in this for our conversations with Hyundai?
Coca-Cola’s new cool film about ‘bromance’ – could we invite film-makers to do something similar for Coca-Cola?
Inline images 5

Bringing gray spaces to life with color – perfect concept for brands like Dulux, Adobe etc
Inline images 6

Vans and Murukami just hooked up for a new fashion collab – power of art + fashion
Inline images 7

Inline images 8

Could this be our next campaign for Viber?  This was something I found on our discover page. Art work that sends ‘good vibes’ to the world every day of the year?
Inline images 9

Re-thinking sneaker advertising – could this be our next campaign for DC or adidas?
Inline images 10

Bank card design, simple yet bloody effective. We have to find a bank to partner with soon!!!  Who will be the first member of the team to land a collab like this??! 🙂
Inline images 11

Coca-cola art – say no more. What other brands have anniversaries coming up?
Inline images 12

Inline images 13

Inline images 14

 Paper art continues to be popular – we should reach out to McDonalds directly about this now we have one good case study with them
Inline images 15
Inline images 17

3D Magazine covers – Laura you know what to do with this!
I’m going to send this concept to Conde Nast next week.
Inline images 16

Interesting and fun set designs for car advertising.  Could be another one for Hyundai or VW?

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